DigiProject Searcher is a tool which helps you to find Revit families saved on local or network drive

Advanced indexing options allows you to adjust the search result to your needs:

Starting with Sercher

Search tool use file saved on drive as repository of information. It is called Index file and its purpose is to enable quick access to data saved in Revit Families.

You have three options when starting with DigiProject Searcher:

  • Fast index – Select folder on your drive with your families. Indexing will start with the first search you make. The following items will be included when creating index file:
    1. Family Name
      Family Type​​
  • Specify paths – specify paths to the index files if you already have or share these files with another users.
  • Do nothing – skip first run action


To get access to Searcher settings go to DigiProject Options and click Settings on the list of installed software. Options are grupped under two tabs Indexing and General.

Indexing Settings

Indexing settings form allows user to add, remove, modify and activate search rules or index families. Definition of search rule contains following items:

  • Name of the search rule
  • Search directory
  • Included categories
  • List of search options
  • Additional indexing options (Include Family Name, Include Family Type)

You can create and use as many search rules as you need. Keep in mind, that indexing for search rules without any search options will be much faster (only Family Name and/or Family Type selected from additional indexing options). This is due to fact that Name and Types for family can be extracted without opening Revit family file.

Search rules are stored in *.sru file. Default location of the file is following:
C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\DigiProject\Revit\Searcher\Search Rules
[User Name] – Current user name

You can include following search options in rules:

  • Parameter Name – Define nthe ame of the parameter will be used to create keywords list for the Revit Family and index file
  • Built In Parameter – Select parameter from list predefined parameters to be used for indexing
  • Shared Parameter – Select parameter from Revit Shared Parameter File
  • All Text Parameters – Keywords will be generated from all text parameters in the family

You can include as many search options in rule as you need.

General Settings

General settings for Searcher add-in allows you to adjust following settings:

  • Index on Idle – this option allows you to automatically index directories specified in search rules when Revit is on idle state.
  • Automatic Update – Automatic update of add-in when Revit software is turning off
  • Enhanced Search – this option use external database to improve your search results
  • Index Files Directory – directory where index file for active version of Revit is stored.​​
  • Search Rules file path – file path to the file which stores search rules listed in Search Options under Indexing path